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5. Key Highlights of Observational Study of Cure@72hrs Camp 

Observational study

Dr. Anu Bhardwaj (BAMS )
Dr. Namita Gupta (MBBS, MD)
Shridhar University- Rajasthan

Dr Aman Sanger (BAMS, MD)
Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar

  • 10 patients were taking antihypertensive medication at the time of joining the72 hours camp. By the end of the camp, about 70% of them could reduce their systolic blood pressure by an average of 20 mmHg.
  • Among the hypertension patients, 50% of them could taper down their drugs to zero.
  •  8 patients were on anti-diabetes medication. 62.5 % of them could taper their drugs by an average of 50%. 30% of patients could get rid of drugs completely.
  •  2 patients were insulin dependent. One patient could free himself completely from insulin. The other (type I) patient could reduce the dependency on insulin by 50%.
  •  8 patients reported constipation at the beginning of 72 hours program. 75% of them reported 100 % relief at the end of the program.
  •  2 patients were overweight(BMI >25 ). 75% could reduce their weight by an average of 1 kg.
  • 15 Patients reported pain (joint / back etc) at the beginning of 72 hours program. 80% got more than 50% relief by the end of the program.
  •  Among the anemic patients, after 10 days of completing the 72 hours camp, the average increase in hemoglobin, Red blood cells & packed cell volume were 0.3 gm/dl, 0.105 cell/MCL and 2.36% respectively. The highest increase in hemoglobin RBC count & PCV are 1.9 g/dl, 0.34 cell/MCL & 10.2% respectively (among the patients, who submitted their CBC reports).

Noticeable feedback

  • Rohit Chaudhary type 1 Diabetic patient, on day 2, his sugar level came down to 250 mg/dl from 600 mg/dl in an hour just by taking HWI and without insulin.
  • Sumit Arora had an amazing experience with matrabasti. He had immediate relief from chronic constipation. Further, he is reported to have discontinued the dependency on inhalers by the 3rd day of the camp.
  • Patient Shalini Prakash reported complete relief from severe knee pain within the first night of zero-volt bed sheet sleeping.
  • Mukesh Pahwa, from Australia who was suffering from swollen feet after 2 stents were implanted in June 2022, got rid of his swelling completely after LLHWI& banana therapy.
  • Renu Agarwal, came with the symptom of a spinning head & low energy. By the 3rd day, she got relief from both problems.
  • Pratyush Sarkar could reduce the dependency on drugs for the management of the pain of Fibromyalgia by 70% with noticeable relief in pain.