World's biggest covid hospital with no mask, no sanitizer, no ventilator, no social distancing, no fee & no death


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Introduction of Dr. Biswaroop

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Documentary on Dr. Biswaroop


Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury is an internationally acclaimed Indian Medical Nutritionist having a doctorate in Diabetes from the Alliance International University, Zambia. Having successfully developed a 3-Step Protocol called “The DIP Diet” to reverse diabetes in 72 hours, Dr Chowdhury runs his centers in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Switzerland, and conducts  his highly popular programme called the ’72 hours Diabetes Tour’ through the app Diabetes72. He also conducts ‘The Code Blue Certification Training’ (training for medical emergencies) in collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia.  As an honorary Research Adviser at Sant Hirdaram Medical College, Bhopal and an active member of the Editorial Board of reputed international medical journals.He is Honorary Board Member of Studies in the Department of Oriental Science.He is among top 100 bestseller author in

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury  has authored 25 books including: 

  1. Diabetes Free World published in 71 languages thereby creating a new world record of ‘Book Translated in Most Languages’
  2. Last Days of Diabetes
  3. Borderless Doctor
  4. Heart Mafia: Bold Exposure of the Shameful Truth of India’s Celebrated Cardiologists
  5. Diabetes Type I & II – Cure in 72 hours
  6. Diabetes Educators‘ Success Stories
  7. How to Return from Hospital alive
  8. Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go On Strike
  9. Heal without Pill
  10. HIV-AIDS -Greatest Lie of 21st Century (& the most profitable business)
  11. New Diabetes Guidelines
  12. High Cholesterol – A Medical Fraud
  13. N.I.C.E way to Cure COVID-19
  14. 1 Question that can save your life
  15. The Last 4 Minutes

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury is also the Chief Editor of ‘India Book of Records and ‘Asia Book of Records’ – a platform that brings to the fore all the new inventers, leaders and game changers, thus setting new standards for others.