Reverse your Diabetes from the comfort of your HOME under supervision of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury - Join Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury's ONLINE / VIRTUAL - 72HRS DIABETES REVERSAL TOUR starting from 2 November- 4 November 2018 . Call 9312286540 or mail [email protected]

Be at your home and join “3 Weeks’ Heal at Home” Program.


Steps to  enroll for the Program :

Step 1 : Send your duly filled ‘Diet & Medication (DAM) Form’  Click to Download  and send it   along with your medical reports to [email protected]

Step 2 : Our medical team will analyze the DAM form along with medical reports and send you the confirmation  (your eligibility to participate in the program).

Step 3 : You can register your seat by making the payment  of Rs 8000/-

Step 4 : Participants living in India will receive Heal at Home-Kit which includes:

  • ‘Diabetes Educators’ Success Stories’ Book
  • ‘Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go on Strike’ Book
  • ‘Recipe to Cure Lifestyle Diseases’ Book
  • Specialized  Training Video (Worth 9hrs)

Participants residing outside India will receive the following e-books:

  • ‘Diabetes Educators’ Success Stories’
  • ‘Recipe to Cure Lifestyle Diseases’
  • ‘Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go on Strike’
  • Specialized  Training Video (Worth 9hrs) 

Week-Wise Diet Plan

Week-1 : ‘Intensive Cure Diet Plan’ will be sent to you on the basis of the  DAM Form submitted by you.

Week-2 : ‘Intervention Diet Plan’ will be sent to you on the basis of your medical parameters and symptomatic relief (after following week 1 diet plan).

Week-3 : ‘Life-long Maintenance Diet’ will be sent to you to remain free of Drugs and Diseases lifelong.

Special Focus : At the end of each week you will participate in ‘Clarification Round’ where you will have the opportunity to interact with Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

 Note:  This is an ‘At Home’ program so the patient need not to visit us personally. The delivery of the program will be through email / WhatsApp.

 For more details through email at [email protected] or sms at +091 9312286540