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COVID-19 Vaccine - Designed to Kill
I warned you...

On 30th November, 2020 through public lecture

& release of book


On 3rd December, 2020 Press Confernece


On 11th January, 2021 I released the joint statement of 111 doctors on Safety & Efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine. Post sent to more than 5000 top officials including MLA’s, MP’s, CM’s and Prime Minister’s office


On 23rd January, 2021 release of book


You ignored & national/international media criticized me (

1 question that can save your life_Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
Now the world is
witnessing the scary reality
Hearts Stopping Suddenly!!!
Evidences against harmful effects of Covid-Vaccine is provided in the following books :
BOOK : Fish Tank Model for Heart Care : Page 11 to Page 28 : CLICK TO READ
BOOK : Cure@Zero Volt : Page 20 to 24 : CLICK TO READ