Corona Virus – Business of Fear

Corona virus is not new. It has been there in this planet since eternity. What is new is the diagnostic tool for Corona virus and of course the staging the world greatest reality show to commercialise the new ‘Business of fear-The Corona virus’.

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  • Dr. Sharan Kanthi

    I too feel same sir… More than corona, dengue, nifah, people die of simple malaria fever. As u said china have lost 500 lives in ten days… more than 5000 people might have died with Tuberculosis ir anemia. As theze are chronic ailments, for which they cant find any medicine, pharma companies target acute infections and induce phobia in people mind. See just 3 confirmed (?? )cases in India, whole India which has 135 crore population, set on high alert. And for nect 2 yrs, whoever suffers flu symptoms, they shud undergo corona virus kit test.Bharat tho is khel ka rang manch banega..ya ise banaya jayenge.

  • Pl send me links to all your important videos, Sir.

    I have recommended your DIP diet to over a 100 people who have started the same and benefitted.

    God Bless,

    Naresh Harjani
    [email protected]
    +977 9840068131

  • Sir im ur biggest fan here. I can see rajiv dixit in you.. ye alopathy doctors ko chodke baki sab aapko support krte h..future me kranti layenge milke and in sab haramkhor angrejo ki najayad aulado ki dukan band krdenge..jai hind and love you sir
    I also use to spread awareness about todays fking english doctor that how do they cheat and kill us..
    Me and my friends are always with you..bcz only a few people can fight for truth like you..

  • Please don-t let them silence you… your work is so important for humanity.

  • Thank you very much sir . God bless you. YouTube ke dvara video delete hone ke baad bhi aapne video provide karaya aapka bahut-2 dhanyawad . Ye video ko share karke poore desh ko truth pata chal sakega. Sir baby milk powder par bhi truth jaanne ke liye koe video banayiye. Thank you very much.

  • Sir diebetese educator banne ke liye price kuchh kam kariye , taaki course karke hum bhi aapki tarah desh ki seva Kar paye. 🙏🙏🙏. please reply on my comments.

  • Sarbeswar Sahoo

    Shreeman you are one of the jewel of bharat. You can destroy the dam conspiracy about medical industry all over the world

  • Great work

  • Please keep doing the good work

  • You are saying to 100% correct because your DIP diet is given 100 result. So we are always with you.

  • You are saying to 100% correct because your DIP diet is given 100% result. So we are always with you.

  • Dr. Saab …Kya China itna bda risk lega. Is se uski GDP 1.5 % Tak gir skti h, as per the YouTube video of dhruv rathi, who also tries like you that not to fear from Corona.



  • सर आपकी वीडिओज़ डिलीट करने का एक एकमात्र कारण आपका सच बोलना है।
    इतिहास गवाह है कि जब जब किसी ने सच समाज के सामने लाने की कोशिश की तब तब उसे उसकी कीमत चुकानी पड़ी है।

  • डॉक्टर बिस्वरूप रॉय साहब.
    में पूरी तरह आप के विचारों से सहमत हूँ.
    YouTube पर आप का सब्सक्राइबर हूँ.
    आप के तमाम वीडियोस का में समर्धन करता हूँ.
    आप की सेवा की दिल से कदर करता हूँ, धन्यवाद!

  • Very true my suggestion is to educate the teen agers from schools and colleges
    By showing them your vedios in the form of fscintific or cartoon films because I believe that the impact of real knowledge will be powerful on one’s mind in the form of pictures instead of words even mass of village people also can easily understand
    Your concept .yuour every explaination is extremely WHITE TRUTH I am completely agree with your all vedios on you tube

    I tried to show your vedios lot meny relatives and friends .I experienced they eagerly started listening your lecture but after 5to10
    Min they feeling boring or distracted in talking but my opinion is make short films on your every topics which explains topic with entertainment so mass of the people
    Can get your real knowledge and get benefit and save themselves from slavery of these

    I am an Indian but staying in USA working as an quality engineer in CISCO. In India my hobby was making short films.



  • Shandaar Jabardast Jindabad
    Salute your work sir.
    Iam with you
    Iam Neeraj Sherwal
    From Haridwar Uttarakhand

  • Dear sir I ‘m From Nepal . You are very responsible & doing Very good .

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