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Find a Diabetic Tailor & win Rs. 1 lakh

  • This content is valid till 13th February, 2024 (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti/National Women’s Day)*
  • To participate in the challenge you have to find a tailor suffering from diabetes.

Eligibility criteria of the selected Tailor:

  1.  The Tailor should have been declared diabetic before 23rd January, 2024
  2. The diagnostic criteria should be according to the ACP Guidelines 2018.
  3.  Tailor working on mechanical Foot Pedal Sewing machines, with atleast five years of continuous working with average atleast 5 hours daily  spending time  on the sewing machine are eligible.

If you found any diabetic tailor, kindly submit his/her details :


* This is a first come first serve basis challenge.