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FAQ: What is the validity/authenticity  of this course and how do we  benefit from this course
Ans: The 3 months Online Training Certificate on Advance Nutrition is affiliated to Lincoln University College Malaysia (a 5 Star University under Government of Malaysia.)

Benefits: This training will empower you with a skill to heal and will make you realize that your home is the best place to reclaim your health. It will also increase your confidence to use ‘Food as Medicine’ for the majority of the health issue (common cold to cancer)

FAQ: How will the exams be conducted?
Ans: Exams are divided module wise. Once you finish a particular module you will have to clear an online test (link will be shared with you as per schedule). Only after qualifying the exam will you be able to receive the next module.

Final Exam will be conducted at the end of the completion of all modules at the end of the 3 months session. All the tests mentioned above will be ONLINE and OBJECTIVE TYPE (multiple choice questions).

VIVA-VOICE: Upon clearing the final exam a Viva Voce will be  conducted through Video Conferencing through Whatsapp or IMO (for Dubai and middle-east candidates)

FAQ: When will the exams be conducted?
Ans: Exams will be conducted last week of every month and Viva Voce will be conducted at the end of 3 months upon clearing the final examination.

FAQ: What if I fail the exams
Ans: If you are unable to qualify for any exam, you can reattempt the exam.

FAQ: When will I receive the KIT/ Take Home Material?
Ans: KIT/ Take Home Material will be dispatched once you complete all the formalities (exams + viva voce). within 15-20 days depending on the destination of the courier.

FAQ:  I have watched these videos earlier. Is that all?
Ans: The videos on Medical Nutrition form the base & foundation of the course. Only after you are through and thorough with the basic level you will be taken to the higher level and will be trained further including the 
CONTENT mentioned below: 

  • Diagnosis of Lifestyle illness
  • Diagnosis of Infectious diseases
  • Food –Medicine interaction
  • Mechanism of Medicine in Body
  • Mechanism of Food in Body
  • When the Food is Medicine
  • When the medicine is Poison
  • Common Kitchen Herbs and its medicinal usages
  • Timeline of Recovery of  common illness
  • Food Calculation for overall nutrition
  • Plants V/S  Animal Food

FAQ: What will be the language of the course
Ans:  Both Hindi and English. Video Modules are in Hindi and E-Books are in English. The content of the E-Book is exactly the same as that of the Video Module.

The examination will also have questions both in English and Hindi and the same for Viva Voice.