To enroll in 3 months online/correspondence certification course in 'Integrated Medicine', CLICK HERE Advance Training on Nutrition - Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

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Course: Professional Training Certificate on Advance Nutrition
Overview: From a common cold to cancer, from headache to heart attack, you can be your own healer. This training comes with a unique tool kit packed with 28 ingredients, the right combination of it can work as a medicine for more than 60 kinds of common illness. This training will empower you with a skill to heal and will make you realize that your home is the best place to reclaim your health. 
Duration: 3 Months
  • Diagnosis of Lifestyle illness
  • Diagnosis of Infectious diseases
  • Food –Medicine interaction
  • Mechanism of Medicine in Body
  • Mechanism of Food in Body
  • When the Food is Medicine
  • When Medicine is Poison
  • Common Kitchen Herbs and its, medicinal usages
  • Timeline of Recovery of  common illness
  • Food Calculation for overall nutrition
  • Plants V/S  Animal Food

Take-Home Material :
  • Hospital in a Box
  • Game of Life Chart
  • Snake Ladder Nutrition Game
  • Reference Book
  • For international students :

    - For course completion certificate: International postal address
    - For HIB Kit: Indian postal address as due to customs regulations we are not able to dispatch the kit internationally.

Course Fee:

  • FEE For candidates residing in India: INR 21,000/- (including GST + Courier)
  • FEE For candidates residing outside India: INR 30,000/- (including GST + Courier)

Mode of Training: Online examination and Zoom meeting



For more detail Email: [email protected] or Phone & Whatsapp: +91-9312286540