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What is diabetes?

Everything you want to know about diabetes

If the brain signals hunger you feel to eat! When you see an apple, the brain sends the second signal of eating it; body begins warming up at the sight of the apple. Then you pick the apple up and feel the weight of the apple, the brain sends in the third signal and body prepares itself for the process of eating. In the meantime secretion of insulin and its circulation in the body initiates. When you bring the apple close to your mouth, the nose smells it and brain sends in the fourth signal and you actually start chewing the apple. By the time apple reaches the intestine through the food pipe, insulin which is an entry key to millions of body cells has started circulating in the bloodstream. The moment food processing through liver and stomach is absorbed in the bloodstream in the form of sugar or carbohydrate which is the source of energy; insulin takes it to the cells.

What will happen in case of a diabetic person? A diabetic person feels to eat; brain doesn’t send the signal, he looks at the food; again brain doesn’t send in the second signal. Then he picks the food; brain doesn’t acknowledge either and third signal is not received through the body. Even when food is brought close to the nose and the brain has the chance to recognize; yet it misses the signal. When he chews the food, finally brain recognizes and sends the first signal. It is now when, insulin from the factory pancreas begins secreting in the body; hence is delayed. The insulin production in normal and diabetic individual is same; but is delayed in case of diabetes.

Assume if there is a fire, then with as much delay the fire extinguishers reach the place, many more of them will be required to control the damage. On the other hand if they react as early as possible then, fire can be controlled by lesser number of extinguishers. So, that is the delay! The pancreas is secreting same amount of insulin rather more of insulin because it is delayed.

Now, when the food entering the body is processed and sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream; insulin factory starts working. Since it is delayed, the sugar in the blood has to wait for the insulin to lead its way into the cells. The sugar keeps on circulating in the bloodstream; at this point if you take the blood sugar reading through a glucometer, the results will be high sugar. High sugar signifies that pancreas is still preparing to secrete insulin and hence blood sugar is unable to enter the cells.

Its all clear till here, but the question is why this happens? This is the most important question and has many associated reasons. Whenever you have a fever, any viral infection or any vaccination or a seasonal change may be cold or a wound or by consuming some foods; these might cause an increase in the blood sugar level. Assume I have fever and I am not a diabetic patient so, I will not intend to check my blood sugar level. Here, if I get hospitalized say in Apollo; they in any illnesses have a foremost tendency to check the blood sugar level. One thing should always be kept in mind that, in any illness it’s the body’s normal tendency to raise the blood sugar level. This is not an abnormal thing!

Now, when the doctor examines the raised blood sugar level – it can be 300mg/dl or 400mg/dl or whatever; this is a conspiracy. Again, raised sugar level can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, retinopathy or dialysis, which we don’t desire.

None of us desires a raised blood sugar level; now how much raised the blood sugar level be to reduce the risk of associated diseases? This is a different question that will answered later on. Before 1978, it was only known that lesser the blood sugar level; lesser the diseases, while higher the blood sugar level; higher the diseases. How much low or high the blood sugar level be, was a confusion till 1978!

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