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From Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s Desk

Here is a collection of evidences from the mainstream medical journals, which establish the fact beyond doubt that, 70% of all the chronic life-style oriented ailments can be cured, by just and only eliminating dairy products from your diet!

Unbelievable yet true!

You must know that, we humans are the only animals who drink other animal’s milk! Ever seen a tiger hunting a cow for its milk; never!

Humans have violated the laws of nature by stealing milk which was meant for the infant of that animal. No surprise that, humans are the only animals’, those suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many other life-threatening diseases. However here, I recommend a small test!

Take my 3 Weeks Drop Dairy Challenge!

Eliminate milk and milk products completely for 3 weeks!

Expected Outcome → 50% of all the degenerative diseases including Heart Disease, Constipation, Intestinal Discomfort, Diabetes and Hypertension will begin to vanish!

You will be forced to taper down your Diabetes or High Blood Pressure medications since within a week’s time, the Drop Dairy Challenge will normalize your blood sugar and blood pressure levels and  your blood cholesterol level will also come back to normal (in-spite of discontinuing the Statins). Your requirement to inject Insulin may drop to as much as 50%. This is the experience of thousands of my patients spread all across the seven continents!

So, whoever you are, which ever part of the world you may belong to, I can assure you that you can be healthy again.

For disease specific cure strategies watch my Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

At the service of mankind,

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury



White Truth of Obesity

“The largest study of its kind analyzed more than 12,000 children aged 9 to 14. It found that the more milk they drank, the heavier they were.”

-Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (2005)

White Truth of Breast Cancer

“A study from the Harvard Medical School on Breast Cancer risk and diet among 90,000 pre-menopausal women showed a cancer link to Whole Milk and Milk Products.”

  – The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2003)


White Truth of  Women Consuming Highest Amount of Milk

“Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have highest rate of ovarian cancer. Their per capita milk consumption is also among the highest in the world.”

 -American Journal of Epidemiology (1989)

  White Truth by Hippocrates (460-315 B.C.E)

“Cow’s milk could cause skin rashes and gastric problems.”

   –   Pediatric Allergy (1951)

  White Truth by FDA

Food and Drug Administration in its ‘Eating for Healthy Heart’ brochure stated that, “some fats are more likely to cause heart diseases; these fats are usually found in food from animals such as meat, milk, cheese and butter.”


White Truth of Heart Disease

“A study involving 7 countries showed that, as the milk supply grew, so did the incidence of deaths from heart diseases.”

–  International Journal of Cardiology (1994)

 White Truth of Countries with Lowest Milk Consumption

“Societies with low calcium diet and only fraction of ­­­­­dairy consumption have less risk and prevalence of bone fractures. Dairy products are not dietary staples in China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. Yet, the residents of these countries have the lowest rate of bone fractures.”

– American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2001)

White Truth of Insulin Dependent Diabetes (Type I)

“The more the cow’s milk is consumed particularly by the children; higher is the incidence of Diabetes Type I. For Example, Finland has one of the highest intake of dairy products in the world. Interestingly, the country also has the world’s highest rate of insulin dependent diabetes affecting 40 out of every 1000 children.”

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1990)


White Truth of Autism

“Autistic children frequently have very high levels of opiate peptides in both blood and urine.”

– American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1990)


White Truth of Infant Colitis

“It was seen that allergic reaction to food was the cause of colitis in infants under the age of 2. Cow’s milk was the most common culprit. After it was excluded from the diet, the infants recovered completely.”

– Archives of Diseases in Childhood (1984)


White Truth of our Ancestors

“After examining the bones of our ancestors who lived in a pre-milk era, we found robust fracture resistant bones.”

– Department of Evolutionary Biology, Colorado State University (2002)

White Truth of Bone Health

“No conclusive evidence exists that cow’s milk builds strong bones in humans, on the contrary; the data shows it promotes bone fracture.”

 Pediatrics (2005)

White Truth by British Advertising Standards Authority

“In October 2005, the British Advertising Standards Authority forced Nestle Health Nutrition to withdraw its advertisements in the United Kingdom, stating that milk was “Essential for healthy bones.”

– UK Advertising Standards Authority (13th Oct, 2005)

White Truth by US Government appointed Scientific Panel Report

“Milk cannot be considered as a sports drink, does not specifically prevent osteoporosis, and might play a role in heart disease and cancer.”

–  Family Practice News (5th Dec, 2001)

White Truth by Swiss Federal Health Ministry

“Milk industry has failed to provide medical proofs that claim that, milk has preventive effects against osteoporosis.”

-Spring, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (2001)


White Truth by Biggest Ever Study on Milk

“Harvard University study on seventy eight thousand women revealed that, those who drink milk the most, were actually at greater risk of bone fracture than those who drink little or no milk.”

 -12 year prospective study-American Journal of Public Health (1997)


White Truth of Infertility

“A consistent correlation is seen between the consumption of cow’s milk and infertility in women. Researchers have specifically found that the countries where the most milk products are being consumed have high prevalence of infertility, with earlier occurance in life.”

 – American Journal of Epidemiology (2005)


White Truth of Slaughter of Dairy Cows

“Mastitis or the infection of cow’s udder is the primary reason for pre-mature slaughter of dairy cows, and 2nd most common cause of death.”

 -USDA (Aug, 2004)

White Truth of Bone Health

“Analysis of 50 studies, on which US Dairy intake recommendation is based; shows no relationship between dairy or dietary calcium intake and measure of bone health.”

– Cornell University, Pediatrics (2005)

White Truth of Milk Propaganda

“The Dairy Industry lobbied for an increased recommendation of three to four servings of milk per day, so, in 2005 the US Health and Human Services raised the recommendation by 50% to 3 servings a day.”

  -Wall Street Journal (30th Aug, 2004)

White Truth of Calcium Supplements

“Calcium is one of the numerous nutrients essential for bone health. An abundance of dietary or supplemental calcium in itself has not shown to assure greater bone density or protection from bone fracture.”

– Bone (1990)

White Truth of Diabetes Type I

“Major cause of Diabetes Type I and bone disease among teenagers is daily dairy intake.”

– Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (2007)

White Truth of Migraine

“A double blinded controlled trial of Oligoantigenic Diet Treatment concluded that, migraine is a result of food allergy majorly by daily dairy intake.”

–  Lancet (5th July, 1980)

White Truth of Allergy among Children

“Cow’s milk and the products made from it, are one of the most common food allergens. This is particularly true for children.”

 -Nutrition Review (1984)

  White Truth of Prostate Cancer

“ The association between dairy products and prostate cancer is one of the most consistent dietary predictors for prostate cancer.”

–  Epidemiology Reviews (2001)

White Truth of Parkinson’s Disease

“Harvard School of Public Health Researchers found that, men who consumed lactose, calcium and vitamin-D from dairy, along with dairy protein, had 50% to 80% higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, than men who consumed least amount of these nutrients.”

– Annals of Neurology (2003)

White Truth of Pregnancy

“The risk of juvenile diabetes, ear infection, skin rashes, colic and iron deficiency may all be reduced by the avoidance of cow’s milk based formula and other dairy products during pregnancy.”

–  Pediatric Research (1993)

White Truth of ‘2 Glasses of Milk per day’

“In comparison to men who drink no milk, than men who consumed more than 2 glasses per day, the latter had twice the incidence of Parkinson’s disease.”

-Neurology (2005)

White Truth of Menstrual Cramps

World renowned gynecologist and best-selling author Dr. Christiane Northop cautions that, “In addition to menstrual cramps, cow’s milk consumption has been associated with recurrent vaginitis, fibroids and increased pain from endometriosis.”

 – Women’s Body, Women Wisdom (1994)

White Truth of Brain Disorder

“Dangerously high levels of aluminum were  found in cow’s milk sample and infant formula.”           Journal of Pediatric Gastro-Enterology and Nutrition (1999)

“Aluminum poisoning has been associated with memory loss, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.”

–  Brain Research (2002)


One Spoon of Pus in Every Glass of Milk – A White Truth

“It’s legal to have not more than 7,50,000 pus (cells) per milliliter of milk.”

– Journal of Dairy Science (2001)

White Truth of Sudden Deaths in Infants

“Vaccination and cow’s milk are the primary cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)”.

–  New Zealand Medical Journal (1991)

White Truth of Infant Asthma

“A significant number of infants with asthma also tested positive for allergy to cow’s milk. Infants six months old or younger, experienced relief from symptoms once cow’s milk was eliminated from their diets.”.

– Annals of Allergy (1975)

White Truth of Dioxins and Liver/Nervous System Damage

“Dairy products alone account for 30% of dioxin exposure in adults and 50% exposure in children.”                                              Green Guide (July/August 2004)

“Dioxins have been shown to result in nervous system and liver damage.”

–   Dioxin Action Summit (2000)

White Truth of Intestinal Bleeding

“The gastro-intestinal blood loss caused by cow’s milk is quite common in infants.”

– Journal of Pediatrics (1974)

White Truth of Calcium Supplements

“Calcium supplements may compromise the immune system. As Magnesium plays an important role in the development and proper functioning of the immune cells, excess of calcium displaces magnesium ions, and in doing so impair the function of key immune factors such as white blood cells.”

– Journal of American Dietetics Association (1996)

White Truth of Iron Deficiency

“Iron retention decreased by 45% in post-menopausal women, who were given 500 mg of supplemental –  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1991)


White Truth of  Bone Loss

“Women who derived most dietary protein from animal sources, had 3 times higher chances of bone loss and 3.7 times higher chances of hip fracture, compared to the women who obtained most of their protein from vegetable sources.”

–   American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2001)


White Truth of Refined Sugar

“Refined sugar interferes with the calcium absorption, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis.”

– Journal of Nutrition (1987)


White Truth of Cruelty on Cows

“In a modern/industrial dairy farm, milk is extracted three times a day by electronic milking machine. Stray voltage from the machine occasionally shocks the cows in the process, causing fear, panic and sometimes even death. Dairy farm loses several hundreds of cows each year to stray electric voltage.”

–  The Washington Post (9th Aug, 1987)


White Truth of Animal Cruelty

“Dairy farmers dock cow’s tail (cut the tail off without anesthesia by using a pair of super hot scissors) because they believe that a full length tail may become soiled in excrement and urine when the animal lies down on its filthy floor and could infect the cow’s udder possibly leading to mastitis.”

-Journal of Dairy Science (2001)


White Truth of Food Pyramid

“USDA and Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) have published “The Food Pyramid” for the rest of the world. The food pyramid can be looked at with suspicion because of 2 reasons: 1. Six of 11 advisory board members had financial ties with the dairy industry! ” 2. The primary objective of USDA is not to encourage healthful eating, but, rather to promote American agricultural/dairy products.   

–   New York Times (7 th Sept, 2004)      


White Truth of Calcium Absorption

“Humans can absorb greater percentage (63%) of calcium from vegetables than that from cow’s milk (32%).”

–  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1994)


White Truth of Milk Contamination

“Frequent contamination is found in a glass of milk because of cow’s exposure to hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. Some of these have been linked to blood diseases, cancer and deaths in humans.”

-FDA Notice, Associated Press (4th March, 2003)


White Truth of Cow’s Milk Protein

“Cow’s milk contains at least 30 proteins that can elicit an allergic response. The most common include casein, β-lactaglobulin (BLG), α-lactalbumin (ALA), bovine γ-globulin (BGG), and bovine serum albumin (BSA).”

–  Annals of Allergy (1984)


White Truth of Milk Allergy

“Milk allergy symptoms include skin rashes, hives, swelling, wheezing, congestion, diarrhea, constipation, earache, headache, skin discoloration, joint swelling, asthma, ulcerative colitis, colic, chronic fatigue, intestinal bleeding and death.”

–  Allergy (1996)

White Truth of Reversing Heart Diseases

“WHO funded research trial, “The MONIKA Project” reported that, “changes in milk consumption, up or down, accurately predicted changes in coronary deaths four to seven years later.”

– Lancet (1999)

White Truth of Atherosclerosis

“Bovine Xanthine Oxidase, an enzyme present in milk, can be absorbed through human gut and enter the blood stream, where it may promote the growth of atherosclerotic (artery-clogging) lesions.”

– Clinical Research (1976)


White Truth of Countries with Highest Milk Consumption

“The world’s highest consumers of cow’s-milk, dairy products and calcium-Australia, New Zealand, North America and Western Europe, also have the highest risk of bone fractures.”

-American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2003)

White Truth of Nutritional Education among Doctors

“70% of all the chronic diseases are rooted in the dietary choices we make, yet, in at least 5 years of medical education most physicians receive only 2  hours (at best) of nutritional education.”

  -The Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health DHHS (PHS) Publication (21st  July, 1999)


White Truth of National Nutrition Policy

“Our national nutritional policies and the literature, as is taught in the school are highly influenced by the profit minded dairy industry; as is clearly evident from the report published.”

– Nutrition and Health News Bureau (17th Jan, 2002)


White Truth of Constipation

“Many studies have established the relationship between consumption of cow’s milk and constipation, and remarkable improvement when the offending milk is removed from the diet.”

– New England Journal of Medicine (1998)


White Truth of Multiple Sclerosis

“In the survey of 27 countries it was found that, as a population’s intake of cow’s milk went up; so did the prevalence of multiple sclerosis.”

– Neuro-Epidemiology (1993)