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Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go on Strike

Imagine one fine day you get up in the morning and realize that the world is free of Modern Doctors. How will it impact the world? To recover from any disease, medicine plays absolutely no role, whatsoever. It is always the immunity of the body itself which help you to fight back the disease and the immunity can be enhanced only through natural plant based raw food. All types of drugs are always an additional burden (people from medical background know about “the half life dose”) on the immunity. Except the victims of an accident (which is only a fractional percentage of the total population) who benefit from doctors’ services, rest of the mankind will be much relieved of the burden of Drugs & Doctors.

According to Journal of the American Medical Association-2011, only 62% of the patients visiting/consulting doctors come across good doctors. That means if 100 patients go to a doctor, only 62% of them will be treated by a Good Doctor. According to New England Journal of Medicine- 2010, ‘only 75% of the medical diagnosis are correct and rest come under the category of false positive.’ This means, 25% of patients will still be diagnosed wrongly even though the intention of the doctor is good. This means that out of 62 patients, 75 % i.e 46.5 patients will have some fair chance of recovery from the disease. But according to the Journal Of Medical Affairs, ‘28% of the patients have to suffer from the side effects of the treatment and medical error due to iatrogenic causes. This means that out of 46.5 patients, 72% will be treated without suffering much harmful effect of the treatment. It implies, about 33.5 patients have chances of getting cured from the disease. Disturbingly in 2013, WHO reported that, ‘30% of the medicine in the Asian market is fake and majorly exported from India’. This means although 33.5 patients got good doctor, correct diagnosis and correct treatment protocol but 30% of them will end up buying fake medicines. Remaining 70% i.e. 23.4 patients still have some chances of benefiting from the treatment. If we consider the reports of the most authentic and highly respected unbiased authority “The Cochrane Database” which reported in Sep 2014 that, ‘51% of the information in the report of drugs trials of all time are never reported, it is concealed by the profit minded Medical Industry. For example, the drug trial of Pioglitazone said, it can help a patient overcome insulin resistance but the report concealed the other part of the finding that the drug causes bladder cancer. Doctors, being unaware of this harmful effect of the drug, prescribe it to their unsuspecting patients. And within few months, reports of cancer developing among such patients starts pouring in. That is the time when the drug trial was re-examined and the truth was brought to light. This means, out of 23.4 patients who otherwise had some chances of benefiting from the Modern Medicines, 11.9 will end up being even more sick (because of the hidden/undisclosed side effects of medicine).

Look around and you will easily see, how the health condition of the people is deteriorating day by day once, since they went under the care of Modern Health Industry.

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