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Positive foods — the road to recovery from diseases

Researchers completely agree to the fact that food habits very much influence the state of mind and way of thinking. The definition for positivity is changing in modern days. Earlier, positivity was only considered a way of thinking and analysing situations. Even medical science deeply believes in healing powers of positive thinking on diseased body […]

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Is your diet VIP or DIP?

By switching to DIP diet, a diabetic patient can reverse diabetes. Diet is not a simple fixation/routine to be followed on general advises. You must understand the scientific relation/basis of your diet — as to what you eat becomes a part of your body. So, why not give the body the ‘Happy Food’, i.e. both […]

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Nobody on this earth needs to die or live with diabetes

Carbohydrates from plant food do not disturb the blood sugar homeostasis This article is about diabetes, which is known as a medical condition caused by the faulty life-style (and not because of genetics, as the doctor’s want you to believe)! This means the cure for diabetes is by modifying the lifestyle. Lifestyle is all about […]

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Busting high cholesterol and high death rate correlation

Only on the basis of some odd correlation, all cholesterol-lowering drugs were approved. Subsequently, these drugs entered the market and were publicised among the masses, keeping an account on observations and outcomes on the patients. Now, this started sometime between 1940s and 1950s, when the death rate from heart attacks was higher. A renowned nutritionist […]

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How the cancer industry killed Steve Jobs

Biological cancer is a normal body cell which has outlived its appointed time of death. Every cell in the human body, of which there are a whopping hundred trillion cells, have their life span cut out for each of them. They have to die a natural death – apoptosis (falling of a brown leaf, in […]

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How Bill Clinton was trapped by heart mafia

To understand how even the most powerful person in the world cannot escape the trap laid by the medical industry, one has to understand what a ‘heart attack’ is and how it affects a vast majority of heart patients. If a former president of the US and one of the most powerful persons in the […]

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It is not high blood pressure, it is ostrich syndrome!

Force-feeding an otherwise healthy person with high blood pressure drugs to bring down his blood pressure, often results in heart diseases and other associated illnesses. Ask Padma Bhushan awardee Dr BM Hegde, India’s finest doctor and one of the world’s most respected medical scientists, what is the standard level of blood pressure in humans, and […]

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Nutrition to cure diabetes | Part-I

Broadly speaking, the blood sugar control of the body does not depend much on the amount of sugar or carbohydrates you have consumed, rather it is more dependent on the source of carbohydrates. Hello friends! This is Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and if you or any of your family member is a diabetes patient then […]

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The white truth of milk

Humans are the only animal to drink milk lifelong &humans are the only animals who drink other animal’s milk! Ever seen a tiger hunting a cow for its milk never! Humans have violated the laws of nature by stealing milk which was meant for the infant of that animal. No surprise that, humans are the […]

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