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Unmasking the Vaccine Deception: Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s Pioneering Revelations

In a groundbreaking revelation, Pfizer recently lost a case over its Covid-19 vaccines, validating naturopathy evangelist, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s claims from three years ago about vaccine ineffectiveness. Dr. BRC tirelessly warned the Indian government about this, sharing findings that have now been acknowledged.

Here is the latest proof of how vaccines have never been the solution and Pfizer losing the case for its Covid 19 vaccine is out there:


Governments of the world have accepted and suing Pfizer for its tall and fake Vaccine claim, the news from Reuters from December 2023 is just another evidence:

Dr. BRC’s website provides extensive evidence supporting his early warning:

In his book, ‘COVID 1981 Virus and the Vaccine, Dr. BRC challenges the efficacy of vaccines, offering a reward of Rs 1 Lakh to anyone proving their benefits as an Open Challenge in the introductory page.

The book exposes the grim reality of vaccines, presenting data that questions their role in public health. As the world grapples with vaccine-related illnesses, Dr. BRC’s early warnings resonate louder than ever.

The book presents step by step research and a detailed conclusion with declarations by Governments and Reports which are an eye opener. It also stated direct links for references and videos proving the facts like, ’The U.S.A has paid approximately 4 billion dollars to the vaccine injured parents’ and ‘Vaccine caused occurrence of number of severe life long illness.’

Visit to access all the reports.

‘Vaccination Is Not A Science, It’s A Suffering,’ declares Dr. BRC, revealing the insidious side effects and inefficacy of vaccines. His book, widely read in over 70 countries, is a critical resource that questions the conventional narrative devices by the modern medical fraternity for purely financial gains.

His Book of revelations about the truth of Vaccines can be accessed here:

In the face of mounting evidence, it’s time to question the narrative. Dr. BRC’s book offers a revealing glimpse into the dark truths of vaccines, urging readers to reconsider the conventional wisdom surrounding vaccination.

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