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End of Modern Medicine

We all become judges in our daily lives because we need to take decisions related to our own lives especially when the question is of life and death. Decisions pertaining to our health. We decide to undergo by pass surgery because the doctor has said; you need to take supplement because it is shown on TV; Children are to be vaccinated because it is ordered by the government; these are decisions based on mass opinion. But think for a while. Do our judges when sitting in the courtroom take decisions considering mass opinion/public perception and not based on evidences.  Imagine a situation of the courtroom-Judge is sitting and Sanjay Dutt is standing in the dock. When the judge took a decision that Sanjay Dutt is a criminal, what was the basis? Just one basis- what is the evidence? Just imagine that if the Judge too was influenced by the media which says that Sanjay Dutt is a superstar; common perception is that Sanjay Dutt is a hero; mass opinion is that Sanjay  Dutt is Munnabhai; if this was the basis of decision, then we cannot call it a justice.

Now it’s your turn. Become a judge and do justice; take a decision but not based on mass opinion. What do the doctors say; what is the common practice; what is the general trend but based on evidence. What does the evidence say? For example, imagine your friend gets a heart attack. Right in front is an emergency room. Emergency room A where there is a facility of oxygen and emergency room B where there is no facility of oxygen. In which room will his chances of survival be more? According to the opinion of the doctors, his survival chances will increase if the patient is taken to the room where there is a facility of oxygen. But what does evidence say? According to Cochrane review 2010, whenever the patient with heart attack has been given oxygen mask, his chances of death increase three times. So in 2010, the protocol of heart attack changed. That is, patients with heart attack or brain stroke should never be given oxygen mask. Today even in 2019, in corporate hospitals of India, whenever a patient with heart attack appears, he is given oxygen mask. His chances of death are increased. So mass opinion, doctor’s opinion, common belief can be lethal and killing. Let us take one more example. Suppose, a person has to get a heart attack. Where will his chances of revival increase- A- if he gets a heart attack in  the hospital   or  B-if he gets a heart attack far away from the hospital? According to the common belief, if he gets a heart attack in the hospital, his chances of survival will increase. But what does evidence say? According to the report published by Journal of American Medical Association 2013, whenever a person gets a heart attack in the hospital, his chances of death increase three times. That means if a patient gets a heart attack, the more he is away from the hospital, his chances of survival will increase as much as three times. Let us take one more example. Suppose somebody’s fasting blood sugar is 250. What should he do? A- he should take medicine  of diabetes and reduce the  blood sugar  and increase his life span or B-he should not take any medicine . According to the doctor’s opinion, medicine should be taken so that blood sugar gets reduced and life span is increased. But what does evidence say? ACCORD  Trial, UKPDS Trial and other big trials of the world on diabetes patients arrive at one conclusion that whenever blood sugar is reduced by taking medicines, their life span is reduced and the complications increase. That’s why on 6th March 2018, the guidelines of diabetes have changed and what is known as new ACP guidelines have been introduced.  And if you read statement number 1 of this guideline, you will see that doctors have been discouraged that giving medicine to patients with high blood sugar to reduce blood sugar, it is something that will kill more patients. So medicine should be rarely , temporarily taken to reduce blood sugar. One last question. Suppose doctors from all the hospitals of the world suddenly vanish, go on strike then A- patient’s condition will worsen, chances of patient’s death will increase and they will die early or B- patient’s condition will improve, less patients will die. According to the common opinion or logic, patient’s condition will worsen, their chances of death will increase, their mortality rate will be high; but what does evidence say? According to the British Medical Journal 2000, it has been noticed that whenever the doctors in the world go on strike, the mortality rate of the patients is reduced, their health improves. Actually doctors do not contribute towards your health, they just make you more sick. And this is what the evidence says. Actually what I am trying to say is that in the last 10 years, medical science has witnessed several changes; doctors’ current knowledge has become totally obsolete. It’s time to, once again, take admission in a medical college. In the history of medical science, first time, you have the opportunity to learn about the inside story of the modern medicine inside the medical college. Opportunity to learn evidence based medical science while you are in medical college. I invite you to attend evidence based medical training in Sant Hirdaram Medical College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Bhopal on 15, 16, and 17 March 2019. This training is for three days and is with international certification, a prestigious certification which can help you become successful evidence based health practitioner. If you are interested, you can contact us at [email protected] or contact us on What’s App No: -6260777789 to block the seats. Your seat will be reserved so that you become a part of the change, the end of modern medicine. And those of you who are  Certified Diabetes Educators from Indo Vietnam Medical Board for them one more opportunity. They should mention in the mail that they are certified diabetes educators and also mail the copy of their certificate, for them, there is a privilege pass, scholars pass. That is in those three days of training, you will get special privileges because you are a certified diabetes educator. So I will meet you in Bhopal on 15, 16 and 17 March. All the best. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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