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It is not high blood pressure, it is ostrich syndrome!

Force-feeding an otherwise healthy person with high blood pressure drugs to bring down his blood pressure, often results in heart diseases and other associated illnesses.

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Ask Padma Bhushan awardee Dr BM Hegde, India’s finest doctor and one of the world’s most respected medical scientists, what is the standard level of blood pressure in humans, and he would say, “I don’t know!” If you ask Dr Caldwell Esselstyn the same question, his answer would be, “It depends.” So I asked the same question to more than 20,000 children during one of our health awareness programmes in Faridabad. Almost all of them answered, “120/80.” Again, I asked the same question to more than 500 school principals (during World Health Day – April 7, 2014). They all said, “120/80.”

So, how come two of the greatest medical brains in the world don’t know the answer, whereas the common man has learnt it by heart?

Before 1997, the benchmark for blood pressure was 160/100 universally. But gradually American Heart Association (which gets sponsorship from big pharmaceutical companies) brought it down to 120/80. As a result, more and more people are labeled as high blood pressure patients. Other major medical authorities, including the British Guidelines has still maintained 160/100 as standard for diagnosis of blood pressure. It is quite understandable that the pharmaceutical companies will promote 120/80 as blood pressure standard as guidelines, for obvious reasons.

Force-feeding an otherwise healthy person with high blood pressure drugs to bring down his blood pressure, often results in heart diseases and other associated illnesses. If you look around, you will find every third person above 40 years of age, popping in blood pressure pills whereas before 1997 you could hardly find a high blood pressure patient. Similarly, high cholesterol drugs have become part and parcel of most of the urban households which was unheard of about two decades back. The truth is “nobody has ever died of high cholesterol,” said Dr. John McDougall, my mentor and one of the most revolutionary doctors of our times.

Dr BM Hegde commented in his book, “What Doctors Don’t Get To Study In Medical School”, that he dare not prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs to any of his patients.

Dr Hegde writes, “Now we have enough and more evidences to show how dangerous this cholesterol lowering drug- red yeast rice – is poison for the human body. While it definitely reduces the fat profile of the blood report, there is still no evidence that it reduces the outcome of premature death. In fact, we have evidences to show that in the long run, these drugs increase total mortality. In medical research, patient death is of no consequence. It is only a statistics! How does this happen? An enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase blocks many other routes in the liver, the most important one is the production of mevalonic acid, a vital part of good health and longevity. There are rare births with ‘congenital mevalonic acid deficiency’. The child looks like an old man at the age of one and dies by the age of 2-3 years! If a doctor has seen a child with that disease, she/he will never prescribe this poison to any of the patients. One of the other salient features that need to be mentioned here. The cell wall in our body is made up of cholesterol. The wall has to be strong to be hydrophobic. Low cholesterol levels make cell walls weak inviting cell necrosis (the death of living cells or tissue), something that abets cancer growth! Converting the otherwise healthy person into a sick patient with the help of fictional and baseless diagnostic parameter has become a modus operandi of the Medical Industry.”

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As in the case of diabetes, threshold for fasting blood sugar as 100mg/dl is what is promoted by pharmaceutical industry funded American Diabetes Association. Whereas independent from the influence of Medical Business, the Japan Diabetes Society has made 200mg/dl of random blood sugar as a base for the diagnosis of diabetes. Here it is important to mention that all types of drugs are addictive in nature. Once you start taking it, you have to gradually increase the dosage to get the same effect. That is why they are called drugs and not food.

Most of us surrender to our fate and decide to live the rest of our lives enslaved by the drugs. But there are a few very intellectually-evolved people who are not influenced by that common belief. One such amazing person is Mr. Mahesh Kaushik. I met him first when he visited my offices on June 4, 2014.

When he came to my office, his health condition was as follows:

1. Diabetes for 2 years
2. High B.P. for 12 Years
3. Weight 103 kg

Here is a brief introduction to Mr Mahesh Kaushik’s medical history.

Mr Mahesh Kaushik, 54 years old, is working for Life Insurance Corporation as a Senior Branch Manager Faridabad and is a resident of Sector 11, Faridabad, Haryana. In 2001, he was diagnosed for high blood pressure of 200 mmHg. For this illness, he started taking Amlozaar 50 mg twice a day. In 2012, he was offered a free regular medical check-up in Apollo Hospital sponsored by Life Insurance Corporation, where he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was prescribed Cetapin 1000XR (once a day) by the doctor because his fasting blood sugar level used to be 120 mg/dl and post-meal sugar level was 180 mg/dl on a regular basis. He had been suffering from high blood pressure since 2001. By 2012, he was already on pills for diabetes and high BP.

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Fortunately, on May 25th 2014, he attended my seminar ‘Diabetes-Type I & II – Cure in 72 hours” in Modern School, Sector-17, Faridabad. He decided to be on my diet recommendation (I am privileged to learn The China Study Diet Plan from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University).

On 4th June, 2014, he got an appointment to consult me and got a prescription based on The China Study Diet Plan. As was expected, so profound was the effect of the diet recommendation that within the first week, his blood sugar and blood pressure came within the healthy range and he was forced to discontinue his medicines for both high BP (which he had been taking since 2001) and Diabetes. His medical condition reversed and he was totally free from drugs.

Within a month, he lost 20 kg of weight (from 103kg to 83kg). This transformation was clearly visible to everyone.

For Mr Mahesh Kaushik, explaining the secret of his new-found health to his colleagues and friends started taking a significant amount of his time. So he decided to play the role of an Accidental Doctor. He persuaded the staff of his branch to replace their tiffin with my diet recommendation for lunch. And by taking just one meal of the day in accordance with my recommendation, many of them witnessed great benefits in terms of reduced blood sugar level, controlled blood pressure and moderate reduction of body weight, which motivated them to follow the diet plan completely.

As a good Samaritan, Mr Mahesh Kaushik decided to equip himself with the necessary knowledge to help his colleagues and friends to reverse diabetes and other illnesses. He even enrolled and successfully completed our Diabetes Educator’s Training course. Till now he has helped more than 50 (this was in 2014) people to recover completely from diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, conducting about 10 awareness programmes independently.

Here the point I want to make is that while the highest authority of the world’s Health Care Industry labelled Diabetes as an incurable disease, Mr Mahesh Kaushik, on the other hand, (who is just one among us), has helped in reversing diabetes, high BP and obesity of so many patients. A point worth giving a thought here is how about putting this revolutionary diet plan to test? If you are diabetic or you know someone with diabetes, then follow the diet plan given below. Within a week of following this diet, you will be forced to reduce your dosage of insulin/medication by at least 50%.

diabetes, blood pressure

During this period stop consuming dairy and refined/packed foods. Then, there is a second stage diet plan which is given to the diabetic patient on the basis of response of their body(ies) after putting them on the above diet for a week. Similarly, there are customized diet plan (based on The China Study) for other illnesses including heart diseases where the recovery period is about one month and for cancer the recovery period varies between 3 to 6 months.

Now the obvious question is, “If the cure for such life-threatening disease is so simple and powerful, then why is it not being followed”? I believe we are suffering from what is known as the Ostrich Syndrome. Just like the ostrich that buries its head into the sands and refuses to see or acknowledge the truth, we, humans, sometimes do behave in the same way an ostrich does. The truth is very simple and clear. The only thing you need to do is to open your eyes and put your intellect to good use without getting influenced by your surroundings.

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