If you are taking medicines for diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol, so this article will help nearly 70 percent of people to get rid of medicines.

I am talking of new diabetes guidelines- ACP guidelines ( A Guidance Statement Update From the American College of Physicians)  that were released last year on 6 March 2018.

It is nearly more than a year but perhaps till now you are not aware of it because Indian Medical Association, which has won the distinction of organizing more than 30 medical strikes in the last ten years in India, decided that these guidelines don’t reach the patients. Perhaps because implementation of these guidelines means informing the patients that the medicines that they have been taking for several years, should be drastically reduced or stopped altogether. Actually in the last forty years or so, there have been a number of important medical trials such as Advance trial, UKPD trial, VADT trial and most importantly, Accord trial. The result of all these trials is that if medicine for lowering of blood sugar is taken, no doubt, blood sugar is reduced but at the cost of reducing your chances of death by 22 percent. Therefore, the new diabetes guidelines conclude that the more diabetes medicines means less blood sugar but at the cost of making you sicker and closer to death.

To implement the new diabetes guidelines in your life one should follow three step protocol.

Step 1- Three days elimination round, that is, for the next three days getting rid of medicines for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cholesterol.

Step 2-Diagnostic challenge- lifeline number 250. According to BR Chowdhury, after stopping the medicine for blood sugar in three days, check your blood sugar two hours after taking lunch. If blood sugar is less than 250, that means neither are you a diabetes patient nor do you need medicines for diabetes.

In the same way after stopping the medicine for blood pressure in three days, check your blood pressure. If the systolic plus diastolic combined reading is not more than 250, it is below 250, that means your blood pressure is in the safe range and you don’t need medicines for blood pressure.( Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 7)

When we talk of cholesterol, there are several terms like LDL, HDL, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, triglyceride etc. For us total cholesterol is important. One should check cholesterol three days after leaving the medicine for cholesterol. If the cholesterol is less than 250, one doesn’t need medicines for cholesterol.( BR Chowdhury)

My experience with nearly 20,000 patients says that about 70 percent of the people who are taking medicines, in reality don’t need medicines. But by taking medicines, they are making themselves sicker. Only 28 percent of the patients are such who may need little bit of medication. Because their blood sugar is above 250 but less than 300, that means their blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol level is a little above the safe range. Here we can have one more strategy that is, diet modification which is the step 3.

Step 3 -72 hours diet modification i.e. by deciding to eat 3 to 4 verities of fruits as breakfast and eating about 300 to 400 grams of raw vegetables before lunch/dinner while avoiding animal food and dairy products( BR Chowdhury). Within 72 hours of following this, readings can be brought in the safe range. After getting into the safe range, one need not to quit this diet plan but follow it for the rest of your life because this diet is not just food but also act as a medicine therefore preventing you from diseases.

Only 2 percent patients would be such whose readings would be above 300- of blood pressure, of blood sugar and of cholesterol. They are the patients in the true sense. They are the ones who are suffering from multiple complications. They are the ones who need medicines in reality . Not permanently but for a short period of time.

You don’t need medication; you just need education to reclaim your health.

 (Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Ph.D in diabetes)