The definition for positivity is changing in modern days. Earlier, positivity was only considered a way of thinking and analysing situations. Even medical science deeply believes in healing powers of positive thinking on diseased body and mind. Another aspect towards positivity is the food we eat. Researchers completely agree to the fact that food habits very much influence the state of mind and way of thinking. Here as well, the concern is to keep both positive mind and positive foods together for disease recovery and overall well-being.

Firstly, to understand the power of thought in body processes, let’s consider the food metabolism mechanism in the body.

Now, depending on the mood of an individual while eating food, following outcomes can be expected.

If a person is depressed while eating, it will lead to:

  • Low Immunity
  • Decreased white blood cells
  • Reduced insulin sensitivity
  • Hyperglycemia

On the contrary, if a person is in a positive state of mind while eating then, it will bring upon –

  • Enhanced immunity
  • Increased white blood cells
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Optimization of the blood sugar

To understand the effect of mood in human body you may refer to the following mechanism which explains how the positive state of mind and the hope to recover from a disease can actually get translated into reversing a disease.


  • Hope of recovery from a disease

The results of your beliefs in your opportunities for recovery, coupled with your “re-decision” about the problems you face, are an approach to life that includes hope and anticipation.

  • Recovery of positive feeling

Renewed feelings of hope and anticipation are recorded in the limbic system.

  • Hypothalamic activity

Once these feelings are recorded in the limbic system, messages are sent to the hypothalamus reflecting the altered emotional state that includes an increased will to live. The hypothalamus then sends messages to the pituitary gland that reflect the altered emotional state.

  • Immune system

The hypothalamus in turn reverses the suppression of the immune system, so that the body’s defenses once again mobilize against abnormal activities in the body.

  • Pituitary activity/endocrine system

The pituitary gland (which is part of the endocrine system), on receiving messages from the hypothalamus, sends messages to the rest of the endocrine system; restoring the body’s hormonal balance.

  • Decrease in abnormal activities in the body

With the hormonal balance restored, the body will discontinue abnormal activities in the body and starts revitalizing its defense system to cope with the illness.

So, you can easily figure out as how new hope in form of positive beliefs can lead to a series of positive effective mechanisms in the body helping it to recover from illnesses.

Most of the complex digestive disorders are majorly induced by anxiety/stress – Leaky Gut, peptic ulcers, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, imbalanced metabolism, irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease are indicative of improper mind and body synchronization.

Although the mind and body model clearly comprehends the power of thought for disease recovery; however, optimist therapy remains incomplete without acknowledging the effects of positive foods on mind and body.

Eating positive food helps to stay in a peaceful state of mind; this is evident with most of my patients, who report a sense of peace and contentment with the plant-based diet.

As raw diet cleanses the body and bestows with benefits beyond nutrition, therefore, food choices like raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, leaves, juices and coconut water can be considered as positive foods. Their digestion and break-down remains in harmony with the body’s functions, while assimilation of processed food exerts great pressure on the body organs. The toxins generated through assimilation of processed food are not completely excreted from the body therefore, people dependent largely on processed diet complain of symptoms like lethargy, fatigue, irritability and mood swings.

Along with positive foods, keeping well hydrated is also a means to activate positive signals in the neuron network. Certain activities like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, stretching will help to start a fresh way to have a positive-peaceful state of mind.

Try to implement a change of diet and include simple exercises in your daily routine, and remember that thoughts are very powerful, so is the choices of food to change your health and destiny.